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Obtaining the right entitlements to develop your property is a lengthy and complicated process. With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can help you navigate through the entitlement process from your initial vision to the land disturbance permit. We offer a complete one-stop shop for entitlement work which will maximize the use, viability, and value of your property. By handling the entire process, you can focus on what matters—building your business—while we obtain the entitlements.   


Our entitlement work includes: 

  • Meet with local officials to advocate for our clients’ rezoning and land use variances

  • Represent clients at public hearings

  • Assemble an experienced team of professionals (engineers, planners, environmental consultants, attorneys) to minimize regulatory obstacles

  • Entitle and subdivide land for residential, commercial, and industrial use

  • Obtain the land disturbance permit

  • Submit DOT, USACE, and other vesting permits to the appropriate governmental entity for review and approval

  • Ensure that the ingress/egress will be provided via a public road and is up to code with local transportation approvals

  • Determine HOA obligations, and municipal regulations for subdividing lots


Your one-stop shop for entitlement work.

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